Welcome to The Mendoza Foundation!

Thank you for visiting our website! Our foundation began in 2017 after our founder, Spencer Mendoza, saw the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey wrought on south Texas. He wanted to help those people who were left homeless and injured after the storm but was unsure where he should invest his efforts and thus, The Mendoza Foundation was born. Our mission statement is, "There will always be someone in need, and our goal is to help them". This statement encompasses all that we stand for. As long as someone, somewhere is in need due to a tropical storm, earthquake, or whatever else Mother Nature sends their way, we will be there. Our people are passionate, our people are resourceful, our people are caring, and our people are our biggest resource. This foundation would be nothing without our men and women who are willing to travel to all four corners of the world to help others. Our volunteers recognize that we are all one people, and that we are all equals, and that we all may need help at some point or another.

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